Highly Structured Christ-Centered Program

We incorporate Biblical principles into an exciting academic program to lay a solid foundation for a child’s spiritual, educational, mental, emotional, social, and physical needs to ensure kindergarten readiness.

  • Toddlers
  • Toddlers
  • Toddlers


(About 12 months to young 2’s)

Once children are ready for the Toddler room, they are able to walk with good balance, no longer require bottle feeding, and can eat table food. Educational activities focus on the basics: learning letters, numbers, shapes, colors and more. Arts and crafts are expanded to a variety of mediums, such as washable paints, crayons, markers, sculpting materials, cut and paste activities, and food! Our goal is to make learning fun.

Toddlers get a morning and afternoon session in the indoor playroom or outside playground for a fun break from their activities.

There are 2 classes that each average a size of 6 children. The younger class age ranges from 12 months to 18 months, while the other ranges from 18 months to 25 months. Staff to child ratios are 1:4 most of the time, better than the 1:6 state guideline.

His Kids has been a wonderful school for our son. It’s a great, positive learning environment for the kids, and the staff has a genuine, deep-felt affection and concern for the children that is demonstrated in everything they do. I’d highly recommend His Kids to anyone looking for a safe, nurturing pre-school for their children. ~The Ramsey family