Highly Structured Christ-Centered Program

We incorporate Biblical principles into an exciting academic program to lay a solid foundation for a child’s spiritual, educational, mental, emotional, social, and physical needs to ensure kindergarten readiness.

  • Preschool
  • Preschool
  • Preschool


(3 to 4 yrs)

Children start the A Beka curriculum at the 3 year and 4 year level building and reinforcing on the basics taught in Early Preschool. Each child receives their own workbooks and writing tablets to develop language, number, letter, and phonics concepts while learning the basics of writing. The curriculum includes capital/lowercase, vowels and consonants, and letter blends. Handwriting Without Tears is another curriculum introduced designed to be a hands-on, interactive approach to learning to write. It prevents frustration and anxiety while improving fine motor skills.

Social skills such as manners, proper behavior, respect, and responsibility are a part of the A Beka curriculum that teachers model and encourage. A Beka also has it’s own Bible curriculum. Using flash cards, music, class projects, stories from the Bible come alive as they begin to learn basic historical events.

There are 2 classes that each average a size of 10-12 children. The younger class age ranges from 3 to 3 1/2, while the other ranges from 3 1/2 to 4. The classes have organized centers such as library, kitchen, dress up, sensory, manipulatives, etc. to maintain organized play. Children graduating from the older class in Preschool are in most cases, ready for kindergarten by public school standards.

As a first-time mom I was incredibly nervous about handing my first child over to the daycare. But from the first moment I’ve visited His Kids I knew it was the right place for us. From the very first day and through every transition since we have been met with open arms and loving hearts. I truly feel that each individual there cares for my child as if she were their own. I love that they do creative project starting at a young age. But what I love the absolute most is that my child is in a Christian environment. Knowing that what we are teaching our daughter at home is being taught while away from home makes all the difference in the world. ~The Dunn family