Highly Structured Christ-Centered Program

We incorporate Biblical principles into an exciting academic program to lay a solid foundation for a child’s spiritual, educational, mental, emotional, social, and physical needs to ensure kindergarten readiness.

  • Early Preschool
  • Early Preschool
  • Early Preschool


(2 to 3 yrs)

Ready for more challenges, children start engaging in activities to prepare them for the A Beka curriculum when they graduate to the Preschool classes. It is a Christian, academic program designed to prepare children for kindergarten.

Building on the circle time activities from the Toddler Room, they continue to learn the alphabet, counting, and when ready, letter and number concepts such as counting and what each letter represents (ex “A” for Apple.) Basic Spanish is introduced as children learn to count, recite colors, and more. Children participate in arts and crafts and music activities as well.

Potty training is an important component of daily activities done in a positive manner.  Early Preschoolers also get a morning and afternoon session in the indoor playroom or outside playground. There are 2 classes that each average a size of 8-10 children. The younger class age ranges from 2 to 2 1/2, while the other ranges from 2 1/2 to 3. Lower ratios of 1:6 or better most of the time rather than the standard 1:10.

I know His Kids is a great daycare went over the weekend my 2 year old can’t wait until Monday so she can go back to school! ~Anonymous